Solex Swag

Several of the nicest people in the world (Solex users) have suggested I put up a page to take donations for Solex. That's pretty cool, so I did that for a week. But I bet it's cooler to get something in return, so I'm switching to that approach. (I think they call that a "pivot" in the startup world.)

Anyway, here's a basic swag page, hand-crafted by someone selling Solex swag.

Solex Lanyard

This is a 3/4" nylon lanyard with a carabiner on the end, and a breakaway piece so you don't hang yourself. Price is $14, and shipping is free! No idea what the text field below is for, I guess you could put in a quantity.

NOTE: International shipping turns out to be quite a chunk of money. So, if you're in some country other than the US, there's another button below for ordering. Additional shipping is $11. This additional cost is calculated to be the average of what I've seen so far. $25 seems like a lot for a lanyard, but apparently those little mail trucks burn a lot of fuel when they cross the ocean.

Domestic ($14):

Solex Lanyard

International ($25):